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Flowers Of The Garden Cried, ”O Manifestation Of The Beautiful”

This world is an amazing place. Innumerable miracles are ensconced in its particles. Countless bounties rain on it, day and night. Numerous lights illuminate the forehead of its horizon. Myriad fragrances inhabit its air. Limitless birds with mind-boggling melody sing the praise of its nature. How beautiful is the universe! Notwithstanding its encompassing subtlety, it carries on its delicate shoulders, the massive burden of mountains and peaks. It sings beautiful poems to calm the restless and relentlessly attacking waves of the oceans and high seas. It does not neglect to irrigate the vast jungles and tropical forests. Animals living in boundless deserts and limitless wastelands are conveyed their sustenance with unfailing regularity and travelers in these domains reach their destinations with the help of the indefatigable and industrious camel, also called as the ship of the desert. Beasts residing in sub-zero temperatures are provided warmth to prevent their blood from freezing. Tribes sweltering in tropical forests are supplied soothing shadows of date-gardens. Green valleys grant the joys of spring. Rivers wading their way through mountains and gorges offer scenes of immeasurable joy and decorate nature with endless beauty.

How beautiful is this world! When man stepped into this amazingly picturesque world, he was stunned by the changing seasons and stupendous beauty. Sprinkled colors knocked him off his feet. Mankind multiplied, grew into tribes and nations, spreading to different nooks and corners of the world. Various cultures appeared. Customs and rituals were coined. Thereafter, this exquisite world was divided into countries and kingdoms. Mines of treasures were dug out. Dangerous weapons like swords, arrows and guns were fabricated.

As mankind spread throughout the world, stories of bloodshed came into being. Rivers of human blood flowed on this very beautiful earth. Man’s oppression on his fellow beings increased by the day. The strong exploited the weak. Allah the Almighty had created the earth and adorned it with his innumerable bounties. He – the High – had announced, “I was a Hidden Treasure. I intend to be known and hence created man!” The angels had protested vehemently, “Are you going to create and send to Your beautiful world one who will spread mischief and shed blood in it?” “I know what you know not” was the divine reply. The angels accepted the divine decree and even bowed in prostration in front of man on His command. The Satan rebelled. Intoxicated with arrogance and inflated with an air of superiority, he asked respite from Allah the High as a compensation for his thousands of years of worship and efforts to deviate the progeny of Hazrat Adam (a.s.) except ‘His purified servants’. Allah – the Just – granted him respite for a specific period.

The Satanic trap spread from the East to the West. Mankind became victim of Satanic ambush and ensnarement. Human blood became cheaper than water. Satan propped up puppets at regular intervals who even went to the extent of claiming divinity. From His side, Allah raised a series of Prophets (a.s.) and Messengers (a.s.) for the guidance of mankind.

Satan put in maximum effort to deviate Allah’s righteous slaves. Lust for power and domination; inflammatio n of carnal desires; the greed for owning large tracts of real estate and land; were some of the entrapments used by him. When none of the above failed to lure the victim, he used the strength and power of his puppets to oppress the innocents. The earth was bathed with the blood of Allah’s righteous servants to such an extent that every particle of the universe wept bitterly due to the gigantic calamity inflicted on human life.

But Allah the High had His Own ways to prove His point. For instance, the huge blazing fire lit by Namrood was turned into a cool breeze, thereby testifying the Prophethood of Hazrat Ibraheem (a.s.). The river Nile was carved into two to save Hazrat Moosa (a.s.) and his followers from the tyrannical clutches of the despot Pharaoh. Prophet Eesaa (a.s.) was raised to the heavens to rescue him from the grip of blood-thirsty Jews hell-bent on putting him to death.

The series of despotic rule and ruthless rulers continued till a person sat on the throne of Damascus, Syria, who was tyranny personified. The world had never witnessed and shall never ever witness again such a merciless dictator. His name: Yazeed – the son of Moaviyah. On the other hand, the son of Islam, the supporter of religion, along with his most trusted and loyal companions and the inheritance of all the Prophets (a.s.) and Messengers (a.s.) stood up to challenge the apparently undisputed despot. The rebellion in Madinah was a tight slap on the face of Syria. Yazeed was rattled. Karbala happened. Its map was all over the large canvas of history. A huge army of 130,000 cowards and so-called Muslims came to crush a group of 72 loyalists. This incident was one of the great manifestations of Allah’s absolute power that illuminates till date the entire universe. Every reasonable person sinks in amazement vis-à-vis the awe inspired by this small bunch of Allah’s humble servants that the Satanic Yazeed had to pour out contingents after contingents in Karbala to avoid defeat!!! It should be borne in mind that this lot of 72 included a six-month old Aliasghar and youngsters like Qasem, Awn and Muhammad, who were barely in their teens. These truly brave and courageous soldiers fought against an army of 130,000. The stories of cowardice and spinelessness of Yazeed the Satan’s forces echoed in the nooks and corners of the world. The martyrdom of Allah’s soldiers mangled the wrist of oppression and tyranny forever. This was indeed a decisive war. Despite their unmentionable numbers, the followers of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) stood their ground and became the symbols of steadfastness. Each soldier from the army of truth came out and fought like a valiant lion, including the six-month old Aliasghar, whose martyrdom left the world in a shock and stupor of disbelief. Finally, when the grandson of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and the beloved of Ali (a.s.) and Fatemah Zahra (s.a.) ventured into the battlefield, his heart was being blown to smithereens due to the scorching heat and unquenched thirst. Yet, his sword – the Zulfiqaar – sounded the death-knell for the forces of falsehood.

Ultimately, the symbol of truth – Husain Ibn Ali (a.s.) – attained martyrdom in a state of prostration in front of his Lord. Signs of divine wrath appeared in the universe. Black winds, solar eclipse, stars in broad daylight, inhabitants of the skies wept, the river Euphrates rose to unprecedented heights, mountains cleaved, skies turned red, angels trembled, stones and trees wept blood, and so on and so forth.

Allah – the Almighty – had granted such beauty and grandeur to this world. But mankind, on the instigation of Satan –their sworn enemy – converted it into a mourning widow to the extent that it started gasping for breath. The young beautiful bride was now converted into a wrinkled old lady on the verge of breathing her last. It was at this stage that the incident of Karbala and the patience of Imam Husain (a.s.) infused a new life in it. The beauty of earth, with Imam Husain’s (a.s.) patience, gave the message of a fresh life. Its cheeks turned rosy again. Husain’s (a.s.) immeasurable patience gave a new invitation to human intellect and reason to act. Islamic realities gave a new mode to the principles of Awaiting. Without avenging the blood of Husain (a.s.) and the innocents, manifestation of divine justice was impossible. Hence, it was essential to wait for that determined time. Allah’s voice was heard in the verses of the Holy Qur’an

“Surely, Allah enlivens the earth after its death.”

He – the High – also prophesied,

“And We intend that those of Our servants who have been rendered weak in the earth, We shall make them the Imams and We shall make them the heirs.”

The divine voice calling for retribution and awaiting sent shivers down the spines of the oppressors and despots. Now, the weakened servants of Allah – with the help of awaiting and retribution and in the shadows of a universal government – are painting the world with beautiful colors once again. The reins of this universal government are in the hands of the son of Imam Husain (a.s.) and the apple of Fatema’s (s.a.) eye, whose mastership was announced by none lesser than the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) himself in Ghadeer-e-Khumm and who was born in 255 A.H.

It seems that since his birth, a new life has been infused in the spirit of awaiting. The believers are anticipating his arrival and awaiting his reappearance with springs of divine grace. Sad faces are now cheerful. When the fervor for action was assisted with divine grace, all obstacles on the right path were removed. The garden of autumn was doomed for destruction. Satanic forces – with their blood-sucking demons – have already turned towards the West in all their brazenness, sans shame or modesty. Shocking news of inhuman, murderous, barbaric and carnal deeds emanate on a regular basis from the West, the pseudo-pioneers and false claimants of the civilized world. Sometimes, we hear of nude beaches where wearing of clothes is absolutely prohibited and even a punishable offence, while on other occasions, human intellect is insulted by those adorning the highest chairs of justice and jurisprudence – granted to them by the Satan – when they declare the legality of gay and lesbian marriages. Men are being admitted in hospitals for change of sex surgeries and even going to the extent of becoming pregnant!!! Now, this corrupt and depraved Western world is on the verge of raining fire on its largely poor and underdeveloped Eastern counterpart.

On the other hand, an announcer is calling out from a pure land, “O Servants of Allah! Don’t bother. Be calm. Don’t lose your religion at any cost.” This voice is of Husain’s (a.s.) patience, which is warning us as well as comforting us that certainly Allah will fulfill His promise and the night of sins and vices shall pass away. The morn – with all its beauty – is nigh. The weakened servants of Allah will inherit the earth and their leader, the one who will avenge Husain’s (a.s.) blood and who is presently occult and will soon reappear. He will the fill the earth with justice and equity after it would have been fraught with injustice and inequity. Only after his reappearance will the interpretation and actualization of the verse,

“Surely, Allah enlivens the earth after its death”

take place.

Today, the world is replete with oppression and injustice. Only the divine order is awaited and the reappearance of the Qaem (a.t.f.s.) is near.

When he (a.t.f.s.) reappears, the beauty of the world will be restored. Rather, it will become even more beautiful and gorgeous. While this world will emanate fragrance, the hearts of the believers will fall in love with their Lord. How we wish that we witness those times when the Yusuf of Zahra (a.s.) will bring back to earth its amazing beauty and with each step that he treads will resonate the sound of divine hymns. The reappearance will mark the advent of such noble souls that the rivers will sing in response to their footsteps.

The beauty and embellishments of the world after reappearance is beyond human intellect, thought and imagination. Yes, the only question that strikes man is, “When the world will become so beautiful on his arrival, what will be the state of his handsomeness and beauty?!!”

The desire to see those beautiful times and the handsome personality of Imam-e-Zamanaa (a.t.f.s.) well up the eyes, tears roll out, the throat chokes and the tongue invokes, “O Allah! Accept just one drop of tear falling from my eye and grant me the honour of his visitation!!”

Salutations be on him who is His Proof upon His creatures and His guardian upon all the inhabitants of the earth!

September 1, 2020