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We risked our lives for Islam

The succession of Prophets and Messengers (peace be on them all) was heavenly and as per the divine order. The count of 124000 Divine Prophets (peace be on them all) is unanimously accepted by the masses and learned scholars alike. Allah the Almighty wished that none should dispute this fact and argue on the Day of Judgment against Him that “There came no one from God to guide us to His path, treading which we could fulfill the aim of creation.

You are very well aware that Prophethood is of two types – Propagative (Tableeghi) and Legislative (Tashreei). The propagative Prophet fulfilled his Prophetic duties of preaching in a town, village or a family and was appointed to guide the people as per the injunctions of the previous legislative Prophet. The series of legislative Prophets (Messengers) is the one that establishes laws of religious legislation across the world through their actions, narrations and silent consents.

From this perspective, the aim of Prophethood is to implement a religious constitution.

Islamic history, though, witnessed horses galloping in the Black Sea. (Implying a couplet from Allamah Iqbal wherein he has eulogized Uqbah Ibn Naafe’s claim that if he could, then he would have gone to the extent of spreading Islam by crossing the Black Sea riding on his horse.) Apart from deserts and oceans, the sound of Azaan was heard even in the forests of Africa and churches of Europe. The horses could be seen ruining towns, trampling the lands of leaders of Islamic armies and causing uproar in the water bodies as well. But divine Messengership and its propagative ways which have been endorsed with completion and perfection, would question every intellectual person if such a way of spreading guidance and divine commands was ever adopted earlier. Prophetic characteristics, even before Holy Prophet (peace be on him and his family), were always focused encouraging by guiding through leading a life of justice and equity. If we minutely analyze, advocates of justice would realize that the Messenger of Allah (peace be on him and his family) was the best exemplar of guidance by Prophets and Messengers (peace be on them all).

If man has used tyranny to attain his goal, divine Messengers (peace be on them all) were resilient against them and through their patience, steadfastness, selflessness and sacrifice, did not spare even a moment of their lives to break the upheld necks of these arrogant tyrants.

On one hand is the history of the Prophets, reading which makes us sorrowful and makes us think how, these servants of God who shouldered the responsibility of guidance, calling towards truth and a just life, i.e. to propagate a complete mode of life, would have fulfilled their duties in midst of government, politics, deceit, vested interests, ignorant skepticism etc. collectively opposing them.

A look at the incidents of Prophets Ayyub, Yaqub, Nuh, Ibrahim, Isa (peace be on them) and Janabe Maryam (peace be on her), would compel us to think that had Allah the Almighty not gifted these great personalities the quality of forbearance, these divine guides of humanity would be grossly discouraged. Steadfastness would disappear and patience would give in. These powers stood against the Prophets, came in various disguises, with different conspiracies, carrying poisonous daggers with every agenda fully drowned in the love of this world. The illicit tactics which were used for accomplishing their evil intentions were dark enough to suffocate humanity to death and one would never see the light thereafter.

The wailing of Prophet Yaqub (peace be on him), the excessive patience of Prophet Ayyub (peace be on him), the entire army of the Firaun for Prophet Musa (peace be on him), the brutal murder of Prophet Yahya (peace be on him), the sufferings of Janabe Maryam and Hajra (peace be on both of them), the cross for Prophet Isa (peace be on him) and the catapult for Prophet Ibrahim (peace be on him), clearly announce even with the passage of time and the entire universe despite hearing this voice, is performing those very actions that fan the flames of hatred and help politicians and worldly rulers in word and deed.

Today, the entire world is discussing scientific and technological progress. But this apparent progress has brought along with it the tools of darkness. This is proven by the constant threat of bomb explosions in possibly any part of the globe and every moment is passed in fear of some or the other danger. None can predict the place of the next explosion tearing innocent humans into pieces. Mothers have lost their sons, young men have fallen prey to death and families have been destroyed. Many hard working people have drowned in the ocean of darkness. Ignorant people have used Islam to bring success to the fraudsters leading to a sea of darkness. Mosques were built in Spain and Islamic culture became rampant after victories in Ethiopia and Egypt. The Turks and the Tartars adopted the philosophy of Caliphate. All these became the provisions of Islamic conquest which every Muslim of today is proud of and claims:

We gave the call of prayers in the churches of Europe, And sometimes in the burning deserts of Africa. We didn’t just leave deserts and seas unconquered, But also successfully rode horses in the Black Sea.

 If we minutely investigate history and go back in time, we will witness a system which prevailed under the patronage of rulers, kings, landlords and leaders which, apart from a few cultural aspects, bears less similarity with Islamic teachings. Riding on power, politics and evil plans, the conquerors of the Black Sea try to cover it up with Islamic teachings so that people are injected with its poison, every lie is assumed to be true and every oppressive act dons the garb of mercy.

Recently, a preacher with a lengthy beard shouted his lungs out in one of his speeches saying that the Shias claim that their Qiblah is not the Holy Kaabah or Makkah, but Karbala and that the Quran is not their book. Whereas there is no Shia mosque where were do not hear the supplication of “Razeeto Billahi Rabban (I am pleased with Allah being my Lord)” after congregational prayers and even a person praying alone does not neglect this supplication. The preacher should have at least feared Allah for the sake of his beard. Lying is not just a sin but mother of all sins as it kills justice and breeds hypocrisy. It destroys religious culture and inculcates hatred. It brings along with it the flame of enmity and sets truth to fire. This bearded preacher is only an example of other emotional writers who possess similar views.

Under the subject of Islamic culture, how can a person like Dr. Allamah Iqbal who is considered to be a philosopher, foresighted person, intellectual and a man of knowledge and action be proud of the success of expansion of Islamic boundaries announced with horses galloping in the Black Sea? Islam means peace, tranquility, mercy and living a life filled with equity. It is not the temporary sounds of prayers in the burning African deserts or in the churches of Spain. Islam is identified by the sacrifices of the progeny of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him and his family), who sowed the seeds of faith in the most barren hearts.

Rather, these galloping horses tried to put off the true lamps of Islam through their machinations, scheming and politics, but were unsuccessful as these lamps were divinely lit and sent to this world with a divine connection. Hence, these lamps are still glowing. Take a look at Karbala, Najaf, Saamarrah and Khorasan. They are all guarded by weeping eyes as if it were a firm and compact fortress. This wall is getting stronger and stronger by the time. Today, the so called horses are no more or their off-springs are found competing in races, while the battlefields now have guns, bombs, bulldozers, tanks and chemical weapons. The heart-rending calamities inflicted on the lovers and followers of the Ahle Bait (peace be on them) have left their marks forever. The progenies of those who attacked Spain have been ordered to stop the preaching about Ahle Bait (peace be on him) which are fast attracting people.

Today, the world is on a ticking bomb. But when the avenger of the murder of Imam Husain (peace be on him) raises his hands for prayers with the beauty of his feelings for Imam Husain (peace be on him), divine decree steps ahead and kisses his words.

ISIS ‘is’ today but will turn to ‘was’ tomorrow and will be only remembered for its barbaric brutalities. Truth, steadfastness in the form of Islamic adornment, will come from the land of Karbala to serve as a canopy for the son of Janabe Fatima (peace be on her). The rays of the sun of Imamate will shine bright. The Imam of the time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) is fully aware of the growing restlessness of those who await him and of the increasing injustice in the world. May Allah hasten his reappearance! Aameen!

August 31, 2020